W. Scott Stewart   Norton Dill   Theresa McKibben   Kneeland Wright   Lesli Wright   Stewart Jackson

When Norton was ten years old he got a ukelele for
Christmas. It was a pivotal moment! Fifty years later
he’s still in love with string band music. Norton owns
Dill Productions, a film and video production company.
The company produces TV commercials to survive
and documentary films for the love of it. Currently they
are best known for the YellaWood commercials. He
is married, has four children and four grandchildren.
Stewart A. Jackson is the newest Dill Picker and sings
lead, back-up and plays guitar and bass. When he’s
not doing music, he works as a Pastoral Marriage and
Family Therapist in Birmingham and Huntsville. An
ordained United Methdist minister, he regularly leads
workshops and seminars for area churches. He has
one wife, three adult children and four grandchildren.
Theresa is the music teacher at Edgewood Elementary
School in Homewood, AL. She is also the Associate Music
Director at Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood,
where she directs the Men’s Chorus, Seeds of Faith
Ladies’ Ensemble and the Choralier Children’s Choir.
Theresa's husband, Rob McKibben, is an engineer with
AT&T. They have two children. Their daughter, Megan, is
also a school teacher in Homewood and Ryan (he's the boy)
is an accountant in Jackson, MS.
-- I just had to throw in a line from "Smoke"!
Playing and singing bass... Scottie tries to keep the DPs
grounded... a full-time job. He now hails from Tennessee
where he spends his days on a 60-acre farm in Triune
playing “dad” to his dog, Rufus. To support his “music
habit”, Scott owns CHaCUS productions creating TV
and Radio commercials for car dealers around the South.
Lesli, or “Junebug” as her fellow pickers call her, sings
alto for the group and plays fiddle. She's a member
of the sanctuary and hand bell choir at Vestavia Hills
United Methodist where she also teaches music for their
weekday enrichment program. Her husband is
"Mr. Wright", Kneeland, and she's the proud mama
of two terrific teenagers, Blake and Cole!
Kneeland’s first guitar was purchased with S&H Green
Stamps in 1966 and he’s been playing and singing ever
since. He’s very involved at Trinity United Methodist Church,
has two young uns in college and is married to the lovely
fiddle playing Dill Picker, Lesli He’s always afraid that when
he walks into Herb's Fretted Instruments that he'll fall in love
with yet another guitar!